Manuscript submission guidelines

Step 1

Visit the following URL

Step 2

If you do not already have an account in Manuscript Central click on the “Create Account” button in the top right corner of the page.

Step 3

When finished creating your account, click “Main Menu”. From the “Main Menu” then click the “Author Center” link.

Step 4

Within the “Author Center” click the link that reads “Click here to submit a new manuscript”.

The submission process

Creating a manuscript is a simple 7-step process. Authors must follow these specific instructions.

Screen 1 – In the “Manuscript Type” field select “SIMS proceedings paper” (see screenshot (A) overleaf).


Complete your title, running head and abstract details then select the special issue option from the drop down menu. Answer “yes” to the special issue question (see screenshot (B) below).


Screen 2 – Enter your keywords

Screen 3 – Enter your co-author information

Screen 4 – Complete your preferred referees. It is mandatory in this screen that you provide 2 preferred referees.

Screen 5 – Type SIMSXVIII into the “Special Issue Information” field. Type SIMSXVIII EDITORS’ into the Editor Field (see screenshot (C) below).


Screen 6 – Make sure you upload your production ready files – PDFs are not acceptable. Refer to the instructions to authors for allowable file formats.

Screen 7 – Be sure to check the PDF proof generated by ScholarOne Manuscripts to ensure that your manuscript renders adequately.  After you have checked it press the blue submit.